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Twitter Demonstration
Missing Twitter Keys. Please enter your Twitter Keys here:

Consumer key

Consumer secret

Access token

Token secret

You can create the Twitter Keys through For more information please see the Twitter API section of this document.

Twitter Description
Displays tweets from Supports the Profile mode for showing tweets for a particular user and the Search mode for showing tweets that match a search string.
Twitter Properties
  • AlternatingStatusTemplate - A template which is applied for alternating status messages (tweets)
  • CacheDuration - Time in minutes that twitter results are cached. The default value is 300 seconds
  • Caption - Twitter Caption that appears in the default layout template
  • Count - A maximum number of tweets to display. The default value is 5
  • EmptyDataTemplate - A template that displays content when there are no tweets
  • IncludeReplies - Indicates whether or not replies are displayed in Profile mode
  • IncludeRetweets - Indicates whether or not retweets are displayed in Profile mode
  • IsLiveContentOnDesignMode - Allows getting live content from the twitter server at design time
  • LayoutTemplate - A template that contains HTML for the root container of the ListView content
  • Mode - A Twitter Screen name used in Profile mode
  • ProfileImageUrl - A Twitter Profile image that appears in the default layout template
  • ScreenName - Twitter Screen Name used in Profile mode
  • Search - A twitter search query used in Search mode
  • StatusTemplate - A template that contains each status message (tweet)
  • Title - A twitter title that appears in the default layout template
Twitter API

The Toolkit Twitter Control uses Twitter API v1.1. The Twitter API v1.1 which is required to provide API keys which are Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access token and Access token secret. You will need to create those keys through and supply those information into your web config under appSettings tag. It should looks like this:



   <add key="act:TwitterConsumerKey" value="[Your consumer key]"/>

   <add key="act:TwitterConsumerSecret" value="[Your consumer secret]"/>

   <add key="act:TwitterAccessToken" value="[Your access token]"/>

   <add key="act:TwitterAccessTokenSecret" value="[Your token secret]"/>



For more information about Twitter API v1.1 you can find in

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