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ListSearch Sample
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ListSearch Demonstration

Click on this ListBox and start typing to search for an entry:

It works for a DropDownList too. In this case, instead of searching for a string that starts with the word we get words that contain the typed word. It resets the search query after 2 seconds if no match is found.

ListSearchExtender Description
ListSearchExtender lets you search for items in the ListBox or DropDownList by typing. The extender performs an incremental search within the ListBox based on what has been typed so far. The prompt message that is displayed when you click the list can be customized along with its CSS class and position.
ListSearchExtender Properties
  • IsSorted - Indicates if items added to the List are expected to be sorted
  • OnHide - OnHide animation will be played each time the extender's prompt is hidden
  • OnShow - OnShow animation will be played each time the extender's prompt is displayed
  • PromptCssClass - The name of a CSS class to apply to the prompt message
  • PromptPosition - Indicates whether the message should appear at the Top or Bottom of the ListBox. The default is Top
  • PromptText - A message to display when the ListBox or DropDownList receives focus
  • QueryPattern - Indicates how typed characters should be used in the search query
  • QueryTimeout - Indicates whether a search query should be reset after the timeout if no match is found. The default is 0 meaning no auto reset behavior
ListSearchExtender Known Issues

In Safari the ListSearchExtender only works with ListBoxes, not DropDownLists.

In Opera the backspace key moves back a page in the browser history by default when it is pressed on a ListBox or DropDownList. To change this behavior you can go to Tools|Preferences|Shortcuts, edit the Keyboard setup, search for “back” and change the mapping for “Platform Windows-Unix-MCE, Backspace” to “Backspace” instead of “Backspace | Back”

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