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DynamicPopulate Description
DynamicPopulate is an extender that replaces the control content with the result of the Web service or a page method call.
DynamicPopulate Properties
  • CacheDynamicResults - Determines if the dynamic population result should be cached and not fetched again after the first load. The default is false
  • ClearContentsDuringUpdate - Determines if HTML content of a target element should be cleared when the update begins.
  • ContextKey - A key that you can pass to the Web service call, such as an ID. This is optional.
  • CustomScript - CustomScript can be used to evaluate a JavaScript function that will return a string to populate the control. This script method must return a string and will be called instead of the Service or Page method.
  • PopulateTriggerControlID - A control's ID to trigger the target population. The population will be triggered by this control's Click event.
  • ServiceMethod - A name of a Web service or page method to call
  • ServicePath - A path of the web service to call. If it is blank, a page method will be called instead.
  • UpdatingCssClass - A CSS style to apply while the update is in progress
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