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Simple Complexity, Text Indicator

Average Complexity, Bar Indicator

High Complexity, Text Indicator, Help Indicator

Note: Recent changes will cause the PasswordStrength control to render differently compared to previous releases. This will affect the padding attributes of the BarIndicator display type. To achieve the same style as previous releases, you will need to add the following to the style for that control.
padding: 2px 2px 2px 2px;
PasswordStrength Description
PasswordStrength is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that can be attached to an ASP.NET TextBox control used for the entry of passwords. The PasswordStrength extender shows the strength of the password in the TextBox and updates itself as a user types the password.
PasswordStrength Properties
  • BarBorderCssClass - A CSS class applied to the bar indicator's border when StrengthIndicatorType=BarIndicator
  • BarIndicatorCssClass - A CSS class applied to the bar indicator's inner bar when StrengthIndicatorType=BarIndicator
  • CalculationWeightings - A list of semi-colon separated numeric values used to determine the weight of password strength's characteristic.
  • DisplayPosition - Positioning of the strength indicator relative to the target control
  • HelpHandleCssClass - A CSS class applied to the help element used to display a dialog box describing password requirements
  • HelpHandlePosition - Positioning of the help handle element relative to the target control
  • HelpStatusLabelID - Control ID of the label used to display help text
  • MinimumLowerCaseCharacters - A minimum number of lowercase characters required when requiring mixed case characters as part of your password strength considerations
  • MinimumNumericCharacters - Minimum number of numeric characters
  • MinimumSymbolCharacters - Minimum number of symbol characters (ex. $ ^ *)
  • MinimumUpperCaseCharacters - Minimum number of uppercase characters required when requiring mixed case characters as part of your password strength considerations.
  • PreferredPasswordLength - Preferred length of the password
  • PrefixText - Text prefixed to the display text when StrengthIndicatorType=Text
  • RequiresUpperAndLowerCaseCharacters - Specifies whether mixed case characters are required
  • StrengthIndicatorType - Strength indicator type (Text or BarIndicator)
  • StrengthStyles - List of semi-colon separated CSS classes that are used depending on the password's strength.
  • TextCssClass - CSS class applied to the text display when StrengthIndicatorType=Text
  • TextStrengthDescriptions - List of semi-colon separated descriptions used when StrengthIndicatorType=Text (Minimum of 2, maximum of 10; order is weakest to strongest)
  • TextStrengthDescriptionStyles - A semi-colon delimited string that specifies the styles applicable to each string descriptions for the password strength when using a textual display
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