ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Demos v20.1.0.0

Ajax Control Toolkit
Gravatar Demonstration
Displays gravatar for an email account:

Displays default image for an email which doesn't meet rating requirments:

Displays different identicons (generated geometric patterns) for different emails which do not have Gravatar images:

Displays different wavatars (generated faces) for different emails which do not have Gravatar images:
Gravatar Description
The Gravatar control is an ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit control that enables you to use gravatar images on your web forms. Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar provided by
Gravatar Properties
  • DefaultImage - An image Url that will be diplayed if a gravatar image can't be displayed because of inacceptable rating or an email account is not associated with the gravatar. It must be an absolute URL.
  • DefaultImageBehavior - An image displayed when the gravatar is not associated with an email account. Possible values are Identicon, MonsterId, MysteryMan, Retro, Wavatar.
  • Email - An email that is associated with an account at
  • Rating - Acceptable rating of an image to display.
  • Size - The requested size of an image that the gravatar needs to render (both width and height).
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