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DropDown Sample
Ajax Control Toolkit
DropDown Demonstration
Hover over the text below and click to select an option:

Select your favorite exotic ice-cream flavor
DropDown Description
DropDown is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that can be attached almost to any ASP.NET control to provide a SharePoint-style drop-down menu.
DropDown Properties
  • DropArrowBackColor - An arrow's background color.
  • DropArrowImageUrl - An arrow's image URL.
  • DropArrowWidth - Arrow width.
  • DropDownControlID - A ID of a control that will be displayed as a dropdown.
  • HighlightBackColor - Highlight background color.
  • HighlightBorderColor - Highlight border color.
  • OnClientPopulated - The populated event
  • OnClientPopulating - The populating event
  • OnClientPopup - The popup event
  • OnHide - OnHide animation will be played each time the dropdown is hidden.
  • OnShow - OnShow animation will be played each time the dropdown is displayed. The dropdown will be positioned correctly but hidden. Animation can be used to display the dropdown with other visual effects.
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