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Column Chart:

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Bar Chart:

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BarChart Description
The BarChart control enables you to render a bar chart from one or more series of values.
BarChart Properties
  • BaseLineColor - A color of the base lines of the chart.
  • CategoriesAxis - This is a required property. You need to provide a set of values for the category axis to create a bar chart
  • CategoryAxisLineColor - A color of the category axis lines.
  • ChartType - A type of bar charts including Column, StackedColumn, Bar, and StackedBar.
  • ClientSeries - Provides a list of series to the client side. The Values property is required for designer experience support, because the editor always prevents providing values to the client side as ExtenderControlProperty at runtime.
  • Series - A list of series.
  • ValueAxisLineColor - A color of the value axis lines.
  • ValueAxisLines - Interval size for the value axis line. The default is 9
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