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Animation Sample
Ajax Control Toolkit
Animation Demonstration

The animation support in the Toolkit is more than just a control. It's a pluggable, extensible framework for easily adding animation effects to your web pages.

The sample below demonstrates a composite animation consisting of four primary animation actions, done in parallel:

  • Move (to move the panel to its final location)
  • Resize (to change the size of the panel)
  • Fade (to fade the text in/out)
  • Color (the flyout changes from gray to white and the text pulses red)

By composing basic animations (there are many to choose from!) you can create very sophisticated effects, or use them independently from client code, server-side code, or XML markup.

Animation Description
An extender used to play animations when a control's events fire.
Animation Properties
  • OnClick - OnClick animation
  • OnHoverOut - OnHoverOut animation
  • OnHoverOver - OnHoverOver animation
  • OnLoad - OnLoad animation
  • OnMouseOut - OnMouseOut animation
  • OnMouseOver - OnMouseOver animation
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